CRESTLINE, OHIO – Wednesday, July 19, 2023 – Crestline’s beloved Jaycees Pond is currently undergoing an impressive $50,000 rehabilitation, marking a significant milestone for the cherished community landmark.

Originally created by the Jaycees, this iconic pond has been an integral part of Crestline for over 50 years, providing recreational activities such as fishing, ice skating, and picnicking for residents and visitors alike. While swimming is prohibited, efforts are being made to enhance the pond’s accessibility, including the addition of parking and the implementation of handicapped accessibility for fishing.

The rehabilitation project commenced in the final week of June, is progressing rapidly, and is expected to be completed in the fall. All the funding for this ambitious endeavor is coming from private donations.

“I am thrilled by the progress made in the Jaycees Pond rehabilitation,” said Crestline Mayor Linda Horning-Pitt. “It honors our heritage while creating a thriving community for residents. The revitalized pond will be a cherished gathering place, reflecting our commitment to accessibility and creating lasting memories. Grateful for all contributors, I eagerly anticipate the positive impact on Crestline.”



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