Collaborative Community Development

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Health & Wellness

To support & encourage prevention efforts in our communities.

Prevention Coalition

Learn more about the Crawford County Prevention Coalition and related efforts to make Crawford County a safe and healthy place.



Working to increase Crawford County's housing inventory from multifamily rental housing to for-sale single family housing.

Housing Study

In 2018, the Partnership worked with community leaders to recruit Danter and Associates, LLC, a real estate research firm based in Columbus, to conduct a county-wide housing study.


Leadership Development

Leadership at all levels from elementary students to professionals is a top priority in our community.

Listen. Learn. Lead.

Learn more about our efforts to develop leaders of all ages in our community.


Downtown Revitalization & Quality of Life

Making our county a place where people seek to work, live, and raise their families. As well as attracting tourism by supporting local downtown revitalization efforts.

A Thriving Community & Attracting Tourism

Learn more about our quality of life efforts to enhance the livelihood of our community.


About Our Health & Wellness Efforts

The Crawford Partnership is an active member of the Crawford County Health Partners. The Crawford County Health Partners, established in 2016, is comprised of business, agencies, and individuals working in collaboration to identify, target, and reduce health issues throughout Crawford County. The group leads the crucial effort of creating the Community Health Assessment and the Community Health Improvement Plan, which are documents that highlight the strengths and needs of Crawford County, so that organizations involved in the assessment process can make sound decisions using the best available data. These plans help identify unmet needs, increase access to services, and provide insight into the best ways to improve the quality of life for people in Crawford County. Creation and implementation of this comprehensive Community Health Assessment is the result of a strong commitment by dedicated community partners working together to improve the health and quality of life of Crawford County/Galion City residents.

The health assessment gives a snapshot of our community as well as a comparison to the state of Ohio and our nation. For the 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHA), click here. 

Find the most recent CHIP here.

The Crawford County Health Partners work collaboratively with the Galion City Health Department, Crawford County Public Health, Crawford-Marion County ADAMH Board, Avita Health System,​ Crawford County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Together We Hurt, Together We Heal, The Community Foundation for Crawford County, Galion City Schools, Galion Community Center YMCA, United Way of Crawford County, and many more.

Additionally, the Crawford Partnership works closely with our prevention efforts throughout Crawford County.

To engage or inquire about our prevention coalition efforts, please contact

The Crawford County Prevention Coalition’s mission is to encourage and implement safety and prevention efforts for youths, adults, and families by providing support, building awareness, and connecting resources in Crawford County. The Coalition is comprised of a diverse group of representatives from the community.

The Crawford County Suicide Prevention Coalition was formed to work for the prevention of suicide, to raise awareness about depression in the community, and to assist families affected by suicide.

Crawford County Housing

A city-wide housing needs assessment in Bucyrus, Galion, and Crestline was conducted by Danter and Associates, LLC, a national leader in real estate research. The study occurred in 2018 and the purpose of the report is to evaluate the potential for residential development amoung three areas, the City of Bucyrus, City of Galion, and Village of Crestline, within Crawford County, Ohio. Residential development uses considered in this analysis include the following:

  • Market-rate multifamily rental housing
  • Affordable multifamily rental housing (Low Income Housing Tax Credit)
  • Independent-Living rental housing for senior households
  • Assisted-Living rental housing for senior households
  • Memory care rental housing for senior households
  • For-sale single-family housing
  • For-sale multifamily (condominium) housing

For the executive summaries: Bucyrus, Crestline, and Galion.

To engage or inquire about housing in Crawford County, please contact

About our Quality of Life & Downtown Revitalization Efforts

Our quality of life efforts are centered around enriching and enhancing the quality of life in Crawford County for all members of the community, including seniors, families, working professionals, and children. By enhancing the quality of life here, the team supports all other Partnership efforts, helping businesses thrive, attracting young families, creating a safe and healthy environment for all citizens, and working to reverse the trends of population decline. Quality of life encompasses downtown revitalization, entertainment, recreation, education, beautification, accessibility, and the overall standards for health, comfort, and happiness in our community.

Over the past decade, the Crawford Partnership has launched several initiatives that move our county forward. Our team has also collaborated with local and regional organizations on several for impact projects. To learn more about current and past initiatives, click here.

About our Leadership Development Efforts

Through our Leadership Development efforts, we work to create a culture of effective leadership for citizens of all ages in our community. Leadership has emerged as a top priority in community development efforts, as its impact is cross-cutting.

Crawford Unlimited (CU Lead) is the Crawford Partnership’s premier leadership program, designed to engage leaders at all levels. Click here to learn more about the program and register for the next cohort! 

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.”
– John Maxwell

Our Investors

Our work would not be possible without the support of these generous investors who have a shared vision for the success of Crawford County.

Platinum Investors

Gold Investors

A Vision for Crawford County

Together, we can continue to enhance the livelihood of Crawford County for the individuals, families, and businesses that call our community home.