A Catalyst for Change in Crawford County

The Crawford Partnership is a non-profit organization dedicated to making Crawford County a place where people seek to live and work through strategic economic and community development.

The Partnership is a catalyst for change in Crawford County, and our investors and leaders work strategically to:

Strengthen Existing Business

Attract New Business

Improve Infrastructure

Enhance Government Services for Businesses

Promote Health & Wellness

Expand Housing Options

Continue Leadership Development/CU Lead Programming

Support Downtown Revitalization

Support Talent Attraction & Retention

Improve Education & Training Options



To listen, learn, and lead efforts to enhance the livelihood of families and businesses in Crawford County.


Crawford County will become a sustainable place in which individuals and families seek to live and work, businesses succeed, and public and private sector organizations collaborate effectively to meet the needs of citizens


Community Focused | Collaborative | Passionate | Proactive | Intentional

Our Staff

David Zak
President & CEO

Erin Stine
Community Development Director

CU Lead Facilitator

Sarah Herrle
Marketing & Project Coordinator

Nancy Clutter
Administrative Assistant