A Catalyst for Change in Crawford County

The Crawford Partnership is a non-profit organization dedicated to making Crawford County a place where people seek to live and work through strategic economic and community development.

The Partnership is a catalyst for change in Crawford County, and our investors and leaders work strategically to improve our county’s business climate, quality of life, public safety, and educational attainment.


To listen, learn, and lead efforts to enhance the livelihood of families and businesses in Crawford County.


Crawford County will become a sustainable place in which individuals and families seek to live and work, businesses succeed, and public and private sector organizations collaborate effectively to meet the needs of citizens


Community Focused | Collaborative | Passionate | Proactive | Intentional

Our Staff

Gary Frankhouse
Executive & Economic Development Director

Erin Stine
Community Development Director

Sarah Herrle
Marketing & Project Coordinator

Sherri Tinch-Greter
Community Opportunity Workforce Development Director

Nancy Clutter
Administrative Assistant