Crawford County’s

Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Areas – DORA

Bucyrus DORA District


Crestline DORA

What is a DORA?

A DORA is a specific area where licensed liquor establishments may sell alcoholic beverages for outdoor consumption. The DORA is designed to serve as an economic development tool and support downtown revitalization as people stroll within the downtown, support our local restaurants and bars, and attend local events. Bucyrus’ DORA was established in July 2022.

DORA Guidelines:

A person cannot:

Bring your own drinks into the DORA

Walk around with a purchased drink not in a designated DORA plastic container (no cans, no glass, no outside drinks are permitted)

Take a beverage purchased at one liquor serving establishment into another liquor establishment or into any business not participating in the DORA

Take a DORA beverage outside the DORA boundaries