The International Economic Development Council and Association of Chamber of Commerce Executive Foundation are national and well-respected organizations who have partnered to put together this first-of-its-kind Workforce Development Fundamentals program. We’re proud to share that Lisa Marcum, our own Workforce Development Manager, is one of the first graduates of this national certificate program and a recipient of the official certification. It underscores our organizational commitment to professional development and Lisa’s growing expertise in the field.


Published Tuesday, March 12, 2024 10:00 am

Washington, DC – The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) Foundation are proud to announce the recipients of the inaugural Certificate in Workforce Development Fundamentals program. This initial cohort of recipients serves as a significant step forward in advancing both IEDC and ACCE’s commitment to enhancing the skills of chamber staff and economic development professionals while expanding equitable workforce opportunities and outcomes. 

Congratulations to the following 52 Workforce Development Fundamentals certificate recipients:

Sarah Barden | NY  Colin Diaz, ACE, IOM, MBA, MFA | AZ Jason Leib | KS Winona Pritts | VA
Maggi Bienvenu, EdD | LA  Dave Diaz, CEcD, EDP | VA Mark Litten | FL Dani Pugsley | AR
Kate Bowermaster | IA  Aura Lee Durham, GCCE | GA Grant Loomis, MBA | NY Lissuannette Rivera Mercado | PA
Eric Broten | WI Zach Fiore | GA Nico Marchitello, MPA | FL Vicky Rowinski, CEcD | MI
Merrick Brtek | NE Timothy Fox, CEcD, EDP | IA Lisa Marcum | OH Paul Saldana, CEcD | CA
David Carroll, MBA | CO Lindsay Frilling, CEcD, IOM | TN Kelle Marsalis, CCE, IOM | TX Brittany Seebach | OH
Christine Caves, MA | IA Leslie Gantt | WV Jennifer Mellor, CPA, MBA | AZ Tia Rae Stone | TX
Katie Collins, IOM | NC Tori Gilmartin, MBA | VA Angela Morton | IL Ashley Strupek | IL
Jermane Coote, MBA | FL Justin Haight, CBEP, MS | GA Emma Morton | ID Nichole Tucker | TX
Jaclyn Crow | KS James Henderson | WA Caitlyn Ngare | OK Michele Weatherly | VA
Mike Crowley, MBA | TX Aimee Herrick | WI Katrina Parkey, CWDP, MBA, MPAff | TX Aaron Weinberg | WA
Donovan Day | IL Ross Ivey, MCP | AL Corey Parks, MBA, PCED | AR Andrew Weisberg, MUP | KS
Stephanie Detweiler, PHR | IA Kathy Lehner | FL Meghan Parsons, MBA | WV Rebecca Wood, MBA | KY

This joint certificate program empowers professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the intersection of economic and workforce development while closing education gaps. Each certificate recipient completed an intensive and comprehensive 6-week curriculum, featuring expert-led sessions, hands-on learning experiences, practical applications of economic and workforce development principles and an online exam. Recipients obtained a digital certificate and social media badge from ACCE and IEDC to showcase their achievement in the program. ACCE offered (3) points towards the Certified Chamber Executive (CCE) program and maintenance; IEDC additionally provided (3) Level-I points towards Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) recertification requirements. 

“IEDC extends its congratulations to all chamber staff and economic development professionals who embarked on this journey with us and our partners at the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives Foundation,” expressed IEDC President and CEO Nathan Ohle. “With the completion of this inaugural certificate program, we are driving holistic economic development solutions that integrate economic growth and talent attraction. Our partnership with ACCE has set a new standard for collaborative professional growth initiatives through this program, paving the way for a vast network of passionate, dedicated economic and workforce development experts.”

“Congratulations to this first cohort who are bringing essential skills back to their regions to address workforce challenges and promote economic prosperity. Their dedication highlights the pivotal role chambers of commerce and economic development organizations play in shaping the future of our communities, especially when they are working hand-in-hand,” said ACCE President and CEO Sheree Anne Kelly. “This program drew interest from across the country, and I am excited to watch the catalytic leadership participants will bring to the challenges and opportunities in their markets.”

IEDC and ACCE will offer a second iteration of the Certificate in Workforce Development Fundamentals program from November through December, with availability for 60 attendees (30 per organization). Learn more and register at 

About the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives Foundation 

The Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) is the professional society supporting the women and men who lead local, regional, statewide, and international chambers of commerce and related business and economic development organizations. Our membership includes more than 1,600 business/civic organizations worldwide. We provide our members with information resources, thought leadership, education programs, original research, benchmarking, retirement security, and access to a network of peers. 


About the International Economic Development Council 

The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) is a non-profit, non-partisan membership organization serving economic developers. With more than 4,300 members, IEDC is the largest organization of its kind. Economic developers promote economic well-being and quality of life for their communities by creating, retaining, and expanding jobs that facilitate growth, enhance wealth and provide a stable tax base. From public to private, rural to urban, and local to international, IEDC’s members engage in the full range of economic development practices. Given the breadth of economic development work, our members are employed in various settings, including local, state, provincial, and federal governments, public-private partnerships, chambers of commerce, universities, and a variety of other institutions. When we succeed, our members create high-quality jobs, develop vibrant communities, and improve the quality of life in their regions.