This post intends to provide an overview of the TechCred program administered by the state.

No matter your job or industry, technology plays a part and has an impact. Your business may use Microsoft for communication or robotics to increase manufacturing efficiencies. The State of Ohio launched a program called TechCred to help Ohioans learn new technology skills and help employers build a more robust workforce.

Your business can find credentials that impact your business and upskill your employees, adding value to both the company and the person. Sarah Herrle, marketing and project coordinator at the Partnership, took advantage of TechCred by completing two credentials related to marketing. She completed CIW Web Foundations Associate and CIW Social Media Strategist. These credentials directly impacted her current position and increased her tech skills.

There are some easy steps to follow for TechCred success. First, identify the employees and desired skills, review the credential list, and find the program that best suits your business and your employee’s needs. Several programs can be completed online, or your company can partner with a training provider. Sarah chose to take advantage of online programs that fit well with her commute and schedule.

Your organization can apply for multiple credentials and employees in one application. This application process creates the opportunity for being strategic in selecting employees and programs and applying for numerous rounds of funding. Remember, each credential will be reimbursed up to $2,000, and the total an employer can receive in one application round is $30,000.

Once you have selected the employee(s), credential, and provider, it is time to prepare to apply. The application is completed online, and you may find it easier to have essential information ahead of time. For example, your Federal Tax ID, Supplier ID number, Ohio Charter number, credential information, and wages (average wage and projected pay after completing the credential). Applications are scored competitively on criteria and not first-come-first-served.

Once your business receives confirmation that the application has been reviewed and approved for funding, you can enroll your employee in the credential program. TechCred is a reimbursable program, so your organization must pay the costs upfront.

Over the next twelve months (or less), your employee will complete the course and receive a certificate or certification. Once the program is complete, it is time to submit for reimbursement. Reimbursement is easy, and you will need documentation showing successful completion, the total cost of the course, employee name and information, and wages. You can expect payment within approximately four weeks.

The Crawford Partnership is your local resource to help your business take advantage of programs like TechCred, especially since one of our team completed the program and was reimbursed successfully!

TechCred Information:

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