Since its inception in 2014, more than 700 local eighth grade students have completed WAGE Tours to explore career opportunities and businesses that exist in Crawford County. WAGE Tours are presented through a collaboration between the Crawford Partnership, the Bucyrus Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Galion-Crestline Chamber of Commerce to provide a platform for local students to experience different sectors in Crawford County. The WAGE Tour Program exists in conjunction with Community Opportunity, the Crawford Partnership’s local career website, as part of a continuum for workforce development.During the tours, students speak with managers, staff, and even owners and CEOs of participating companies. They witness how products made and services offered here in Crawford County make an impact on goods and services around the world.

There are three primary motivating factors that drive the need for WAGE Tours in Crawford County:


WAGE Tours help raise awareness for local students and teachers about employment opportunities that exist in Crawford County. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and to build connections that could potentially lead to internship, co-op, or employment opportunities in the future.


WAGE Tours play a valuable role in preparing students for the workforce. By seeing diverse companies and work environments firsthand, students are better prepared for their futures. During the tours, students learn what kind of skills and education they will need to be successful in specific career paths.


WAGE Tours are a collaborative effort between our local non-profit, business, and education sectors. By investing time and resources to highlight the opportunities in our community, we hope that our efforts will have a collective, positive impact for the future of our students, our workforce, and our local industries.