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From August to December, each CU Lead session will be a day of “Leadership in Action.” With an emphasis on learning by doing and utilizing Crawford County (or possibly somewhere outside our county) as our classroom.

As we move through the course, you’ll learn more about what makes Crawford County such a unique place to live and work, what some of the challenges and threats are, and where opportunities lie for the future. You’ll learn about Crawford County’s agriculture & environment, business & industry, health & social services, culture & recreation, and education, government, & safety services. You’ll choose a focus for your Leadership in Action day that you’d like to learn more about, feel passionate about, or want to highlight in Crawford County from the topics listed. You’ll be grouped with others in the cohort who choose the same interests, and together you’ll build a day around the people and places within that focus.

Your team will be challenged to take a deep dive into your topic, and you will design a hands-on curriculum and experiences to put leadership into action.

Some examples of what your team’s day could include are community visits, creating a video, tours, panels, and volunteering – just to name a few!

The Partnership will serve as your resource for providing logistical support, meals, and approval for the agenda you prepare.

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