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DORA Hours:

Monday – Sunday ( 7 days per week) 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

*Best practices include a “last call” prior to the DORA end time.

DORA During Special Events:

Please see the section in the application “Special Events.”

The DORA will not be in effect during the 2023 Bratwurst Festival. Bucyrus is currently utilizing a temporary DORA and plans to review, update, modify, etc. the DORA after the first four consecutive months.

Click here for the application.

Order DORA Cups:

Please call Bonnie Welsh with the City of Bucyrus at 419.562.6767.

What is a DORA?

A DORA is a specific area where licensed liquor establishments may sell alcoholic beverages for outdoor consumption. The DORA is designed to serve as an economic development tool and support downtown revitalization as people stroll within the downtown, support our local restaurants and bars, and attend local events. Bucyrus’ DORA was established in July 2022.

How Does a DORA Work:

Enjoying the DORA safely and appropriately is very important, so there are a few rules to follow.

A person can ENTER any participating designated liquor permit holder and order their favorite beer, wine, or cocktail in a DORA cup.  The City of Bucyrus’ hours for the DORA are daily from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

The patron would then EXIT the establishment with their beverage & enjoy the outdoors in downtown Bucyrus.  Beverages must be purchased in DORA cups to leave an establishment and cups must stay within the boundaries.  Signs will indicate those boundaries and there is a map included on this page.

The person ENJOYS their beverage while strolling within the DORA boundaries or visiting locations with a blue DORA sign indicating beverages are permitted.

Persons are to DISPOSE of their DORA cup when empty or when entering another DORA designated liquor permit holder’s establishment. DORA cups are one time use and must be thrown away prior to entering ANY other permitted liquor establishment OR any business/merchant with the red DORA sign.

DORA Guidelines:

A person cannot:

Bring your own drinks into the DORA

Walk around with a purchased drink not in a designated DORA plastic container (no cans, no glass, no outside drinks are permitted)

Take a beverage purchased at one liquor serving establishment into another liquor establishment or into any business with the red sign

Take a DORA beverage outside the DORA boundaries

DORA Signs for Businesses:

The Bucyrus Area Chamber of Commerce and the Crawford Partnership will provide a mix of stickers, signs, and yard signs for each business. If your business would like or need additional signage, please feel to print more.

Printable DORA Signs
Printable DORA Signs
Printable DORA Signs
DORA Map City of Bucyrus